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Smoked Trout and Yabby Bisque (2012 Silver Medal at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Silver Medal awarded to Arc-en-Ciel Trout farm's Smoked Trout Soup with Yabbies

Developed in association with 3-star Michelin Chef Ben Davies, our soup delivers a gourmet ready-to-serve product for many occasions from lunch on the go to your candle-lit dinner.

Available in 350ml, 500ml and Catering bulk packs.

Whole Fresh Rainbow Trout Silver medal Sydney Royal Fine Food 2016 and 2017. GOLD Medal Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania 2017



Each trout is individually bagged for your convenience and safety.  Our fish are high in good Omega-3 oils.  All fish are supplied plate size and are perfect baked, fried or grilled.


Fresh Rainbow Trout Fillets

Supplied fresh, each trout fillet is individually packed on a foam tray and sealed in a bag for your convenience and safety.  Our fillets are pin-boned and de-finned with the skin on.  Our fish are high in Omega-3 oils.  Perfect for Trout Almondine or to be enjoyed on the barbeque.



Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout -Silver Medal 2009 Mudgee Fine Food Awards, 



GOLD MEDAL 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food

Silver Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2012

Mudgee Silver Medal 09

Supplied ready-to-eat, each trout is individually bagged for your convenience and safety.  Using our special hot-smoking process and sawdust form our local hardwood, our trout have won medals at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.  Enjoy with crackers or break into pieces over your favourite salad.

Traditional Smoked Rainbow Trout Fillets

Packed two fillets per pack - many a chef's secret to the perfect meal.
Supplied on a foam tray and lightly Cryovaced, we've carefully done the filleting work for you.

 Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm's Flavoured Smoked Trout Fillet Range

1. Honey Smoked Trout Fillets - Gold Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2012

Two perfect fillets in a Cryovac pack. We gently smoke trout over our local stringy bark wood and then carefully fillet and pack them.


2. Lemon Pepper Smoked Trout Fillets - GOLD MEDAL Royal Hobart Fine Food 2017

Two smoked trout fillets gently dusted with Lemon Pepper dressing - makes a convenient gourmet meal, just open and serve. 


3. Lemon Herb & Garlic Smoked Trout Fillets - Silver Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2014

Packed two per Cryovac bag, these fillets are lightly seasoned with lemon herb and garlic flavouring - for those who love garlic, very convenient and ready-to-eat.  


4. Lemon Basil and Thyme Smoked Trout Fillets - Silver Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2014 Gold Medal Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2017

After careful filleting we sprinkle just the right amont of Lemon Basil and Thyme onto the smoked trout and vacuum pack them immediately to lock in their freshness and flavour. Enjoy warm or cold, ready-to-eat.


5. Lemon and Dill Smoked Trout Fillets - Silver Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2014

Dill is the time-honoured partner to trout, so we have combined lemon and dill for a perfect topping to two fillets, packed in a Cryovac bag. 


6. Corainder, Chilli & Lemongrass Smoked Trout Fillets - Gold Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2012

Our new flavour brings a spicy punch with hints of oriental spices lingering - for the chilli lover.


7. Tarragon and Chive Smoked Trout Fillets - Silver Medal winner Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2014

A delicate blend of Tarragon, Freeze dried chives and a hint of garlic give these fillets a unique aromatic flavour.

8. Coconut & Piri-piri Smoked Trout Fillets - GOLD MEDAL Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2016 

9. Mustard, Fennel & Turmeric  - GOLD MEDAL Royal Hobart Fine Food Show 2016



Smoked Trout Pate - Silver Medal 2009 Mudgee Fine Food Awards

Mudgee Silver Medal 09

Our famous Smoked Trout Pate contains only the finest smoked trout fillets, cream cheese and a delightful blend of chilli and other spices.  Packed in 100g or 500g sizes.  Enjoy with your

favourite crackers or spread on some crusty bread. (Country Style Magazine reports...) 


Rainbow Trout Gravlax - Silver Medal 2009 Mudgee Fine Food Awards

Mudgee Silver Medal 09

Gravlax is a cold-cured delicacy traditionally made from salmon.  We have adapted an ancient Swedish recipe and perfected our Rainbow Trout Gravlax.  Served cold, it has undertones of fresh dill and a delicate saltiness.  It is supplied pre-sliced and vacuum packed.

Don't know what Gravlax is? Click here.



Rainbow Trout Caviar - Bronze Medal 2009 Mudgee Fine Food Awards

Mudgee Silver Medal 09

Convenient 45g jars of brilliant orange Rainbow Trout Caviar are very popular with many of our chef

customers.  An excellent garnish or topping for gourmet finger snacks or main meals.



Retail Stockists

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We are currently looking to appoint quality retail stockists in Newcastle, Central Coast, and Sydney regions. If you wish to apply to stock our products, please contact us


We are licensed to supply Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fingerlings for stocking of farm dams and private waterways.  Our fingerlings are available from late September through to the end of January.
All stock is supplied with release and acclimatisation instructions.  Every order is supplied with relevant documentation and permit numbers.    
Orders are essential.

2018/19 Fingerling Orderbook now OPEN.

Next fingerlings will be available from end September 2018.

Orders essential - please confirm your requirements early to avoid disapointment.

Due to increasing demand from customers wanting to set up an AQUAPONICS system, we have reduced our minimum order quantity from 200 to 50 fingerlings; so if you want to grow trout in your system, please let us know. We are not specialists in AQUAPONICS and do not offer advice on the subject. Please research the most suitable species for your system carefully.

Important information - answers to questions that we get asked a lot:

  1. Rainbow trout are cool climate fish and require water that is neutral in pH.
  2. Ideal water temperature is 10 to 15 DegC. Temperatures above 18 are dangerous and above 22 degrees C fatal.
  3. Zinc, even in very small amounts is toxic to juvenile trout. (Do not use galvanised tanks, pipes or harvest water from a GAL roof.)
  4. Trout take more than 12 months to achieve plate-size. The hatching season is winter. We usually have fingerlings available from end September until about early December. Both summer temperatures and the size of fingerlings from December onwards have an impact on successfully transporting the fish. After January they require a live tank transport system as they will be too large to be transported in poly bags.
  5. High dissolved oxygen content is important in water systems housing trout - achieve this through aeration or by circulating water in a way that exposes it to as much air as possible (BUT remember that hot air will make hot water!)
  6. We ship fingerlings in poly bags containing water and pure oxygen. They are then packed in styrofoam boxes packed with ice appropriate for the journey. Fingerlings will travel overnight safely. For pick-up from the farm you will need to supply eskies for transport; we can supply styro boxes at a cost of $8 each.
  7. We  ship to most major centres in NSW. We do not ship door to door but orders can be picked up from our freight company's depots in each centre. Please call if you want a quote on shipping.
  8. From December onwards, due to the size of the fish, fingerlings need to be shipped in live transport tanks. We are not equipped to transport live at this stage - fingerling orders will need to be picked up from the farm.