Rainbow Trout Fingerlings - 2022/24

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Rainbow trout at Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm, Hnging Rock, NSW

We are licensed to supply Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fingerlings for stocking of farm dams and private waterways.  Our fingerlings are available from September through to the end of January.
All stock is supplied with release and acclimatisation instructions.  Every order is supplied with relevant documentation and permit numbers.    
Orders are essential.

Rainbow Trout Fry, Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Rainbow trout are cool climate fish and require water that is neutral in pH. Ideal water temperature is 10 to 15 DegC. Temperatures above 18 are dangerous and above 22 degrees C fatal.Zinc, even in very small amounts is toxic to juvenile trout. (Do not use galvanised tanks, pipes or harvest water from a GAL roof.)

2. Trout take more than 12 months to achieve plate-size. The hatching season is winter. We usually have fingerlings available from September until about early December. 

3. Both summer temperatures and the size of fingerlings from December onwards have an impact on successfully transporting the fish.

4. High dissolved oxygen content is important in water systems housing trout - achieve this through aeration or by circulating water in a way that exposes it to as much air as possible (BUT remember that hot air will make hot water!)

5. Should we feed our fish in a dam?  We do not recommend feeding your trout unless you do not have adequate natural food in the dam. Feeding domesticates the trout and they lose their natural instincts, making them prone to predators.

6. We ship fingerlings in poly bags containing water and pure oxygen. They are then packed in Styrofoam boxes packed with ice appropriate for the journey. Fingerlings will travel overnight safely. 

7. For pick-up from the farm you will need to supply eskies for transport; we can supply styro boxes at a cost of $15 each.

8.We ship to most major centres in NSW. If your address is not serviced by our courier network we will make arrangements for you to pick up your order at a mutually agreed point. Please call if you want a quote on shipping. 

9. From December onwards, due to the size of the fish, fingerlings need to be shipped in a live transport tank - call us for a quote.

DISCLAIMER: The above information is general in nature and is a guide only - it cannot be relied upon as expert opinion.

Fisherman landing a trout, Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm

Stocking your own dam with trout is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life.

Our customers say:


Good morning Russell. My fingerlings arrived at 9.30 this morning- now safely installed in the dam. Not a single fatality as far as I could tell!  Now I just have to keep them alive for a year or two. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you- we shall do it again sometime And I look forward to seeing the hatchery at some stage- I never tire of looking at big trout. 

Take care and thank you. Jay (Gulgong Sept. 2021). 


SMS: Thanks the fingerlings arrived in excellent order - Ray D. (Wagga Wagga - 25 Nov. 2021)

We picked up our fish just after lunch yesterday & put the sealed bags straight in the dams to acclimatize. All the fish arrived alive and healthy and there was still ice left in the eskies. 
We released them later in the afternoon & they are happily acquainting themselves with their new home. 
Thanks for a great and professional service. We look forward to watching them grow!
Tom T.  August 2022