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Nundle Smokehouse

Master Smokers of medal winning gourmet meats.

Nundle Smokehouse Products

Smoked chicken breast caesar salad

Smoked Chicken Breast (Original flavour). Made using select, fresh New England chicken breast. Hot smoked, skin on.

Smoked chicken breast lemon thyme maple syrup

Smoked Chicken Breast - Lemon & Thyme. Slowly marinaded with maple syrup, garlic, lemon & thyme.

Smoked duckling breast duck ham Luv A Duck

Smoked Duckling Breast. Cured in a ham style and then gently hot smoked.

Beef pastrami Angus Beef Mountainview

Smoked Beef Pastrami. slow brined and then hot smoked slowly.

Venison pastrami farmed venison

Smoked Venison Pastrami. Brined for days and smoked for up to 9 hours in small batches

Beef biltong satooz protein snack

Beef Biltong. Made using top quality Mountainview Angus beef using a slow drying process and a traditional South African Recipe.

Venison biltong kudu deer meat springbok

Venison Biltong. Made from select New England farmed venison.

Smoked chicken liver pate bourbon drunken chicken

Smoked Chicken Liver Paté with bourbon. A delicious fine and smooth pate. available in 100g tubs.

Chatcuterie board The Drunken Trout Cafe Nundle Smokehouse

Wholesale Supply

We would welcome your inquiry should you wish to stock our products in your store or for your restaurant, cafe or delicatessen.

We deliver to most of NSW overnight and can deliver to Melbourne city.

The story of Nundle Smokehouse

By utilizing their skills of a cumulative 25 years smoking trout, Master Smokers Russell & Roger are constantly innovating and producing a fine range of medal winning smoked and air-dried meat products. Nundle Smokehouse now produces ready-to-eat smoked chicken, duck, beef and venison, and traditional South African biltong.
These are available from selected retail outlets and from our farm-gate deli fridge. 
They are an integral part of the menu at The Drunken Trout Café.